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Rosemary and Sage

Rosemary and Sage came to us as young feral puppies and even after years of working with them, Rosemary has never really come around. She is not mean in anyway but will not let anyone touch her. We can come and go in their kennel without any issues.

Sage on the other hand will actually seek you out for love and attention. He is timid but does allow us to pet and brush him. They both enjoy seeing people.

They are Border Collie cross, about 6 years old. Sage is neutered and we have a vet coming out to see what options we have to get Rosemary to the clinic for a spay, shots and check up.

What they are needing is a secure backyard with a shelter and just some human attention on a regular basis. Somewhere to enjoy the rest of their life with an actual yard. They have been in a shelter kennel for so many years and have never gotten to experience a yard. 



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